Lotta count-downs today as the ball-drop in Times Square may become the GOP poster child for letting fiscal slide off the cliff. Fret not, my friends this, too shall pass. It’s more of a slippery slope than a cliff and the last man standing will be the last to make a concession, thereby snatching the real “Our Savior” title. If uncertainty wreaks havoc next week, buyers of weakness could reap heavily.

BEANS and CORN will be demand-side volatile, livestock should hold steady in the first half of the year, trending higher in the second half.

Natural Gas will remain plentiful but has established a strong bottom in the $2.20-2.30 range. CRUDE still a knee-jerk reaction but sideways trending prices, absent significant conflagration in Mid East. Gasoline steady to higher, chart looks like a chalk board drawing of equilibrium.

Dollar Index will fluctuate through this episode of As The Congress Turns, but remain mostly firm. YEN looking feeble but expect a bit of a turnaround next year, CAN staying soft. Selling EUR will come into vogue in the second half as ocean levels again threaten to put EU under water.

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